# Changelog

We update Cascade regularly. These updates provide new features, support new Shopify requirements, improve theme functionality, and provide bug fixes. The following is a list of the changes implemented by our updates to Cascade.

# Cascade 3.0.0

We’ve released an all new version of Cascade, rebuilt from the ground up.

# Added

  • New sections including video or image with text overlay, image split and scrolling text - Cascade now has 22 sections.
  • More out of the box cascading content templates including product and collection lists.
  • A new cascading product template and an image split product template.

# Changed

  • Design refresh, including an updated header + navigation design and parallax animations.
  • New cascading content section with more flexibility to create unique asymmetrical layouts.

# Removed

  • Cascading content is no longer dependent on Javascript, leading to better performance.
  • Split description has been removed and replaced with a new cascading product template.