# Text marquee

This guide describes setting up the Text marquee section.

Use the section to provide messages for visitors by using text that moves across your store’s pages. In the section’s text, share information about your brand, describe products and collections, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

An example Text marquee section on a store's homepage.

The previous image shows a Text marquee section on a store’s homepage. The section is displayed below the Header, at the top of the page. In the section’s settings, a link is added to the store’s Merch collection. When a store visitor selects the section, the Merch collection page opens. An animation effect scrolls the text from right to left. Each repeated occurrence of the text is separated by a 10 point star shape. An animation effect rotates the star shape.

For general guidance with modifying sections, refer to Sections overview and Shopify help: Sections and blocks (opens new window)

# Set up a text marquee section

To set up a Text marquee section:

  1. Go to Customize theme. At the top of the page, use the dropdown to select a template that contains a Text marquee section. For example, select the Home page template.


    The Text marquee section can be added into any page, except Checkout and Giftcard pages. To add the section into the current page, select Add section > Text marquee. Refer to Shopify help: Add a section (opens new window)

  2. From the side menu, select Text marquee.

    A Text marquee section selected in Theme editor.
  3. Select a section setting described in the following table.

Section setting name Description
Text In the Text box, enter text to display inside the section.
Repeat text Select the checkbox Repeat text to turn on/ off repeating text inside the section. With this setting enabled, the text repeatedly scrolls across the section.
Shape between repeated text Use the dropdown Shape between repeated text to set up a shape inside the section. The shape is displayed between each instance of repeated text. The options are None, Circle, Diamond, Triangle, Star, 10 point star, and Flower.
Animate shape between text Select the checkbox Animate shape between text to turn on/ off animation effects for shapes inside the section. The shapes are displayed between each instance of repeated text.
Link In the Link box, enter a URL to use as a link, inside the section, or select an existing store page to link to. With this setting enabled, the section’s text is hyperlinked.
Font Select the Font radio buttons to set the section’s text to use the same font as Heading or Body text.
Text size Use the Text size dropdown to set the size for text inside the section. The dropdown options are:
  • S = Small
  • M = Medium
  • L = Large
  • XL = Extra large
  • 2XL = 2 x extra large
  • 2XL / Desktop 3XL = 2 x extra large on mobile devices, and 3 x extra large on desktop devices
  • 2XL / Desktop 4XL
  • 2XL / Desktop 5XL
  • 2XL / Desktop 6XL
  • 2XL / Desktop 7XL
Refer to Typography.
Speed Adjust the Speed slider to set a scroll speed between 10sec and 400sec (seconds) for marquee text.
Direction Select the Direction radio buttons to set the section’s text to move from Right to left or Left to right.
Color > Color scheme Use the Color scheme dropdown to set the section’s color scheme to Primary, Secondary, Tertiary or Quaternary. Refer to Colors.
Color > Use gradient for background Select the checkbox Use gradient for background to turn on/ off using a gradient as the section’s background.
Remove section Select Remove section to delete the section from the current page.