# Header

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The header is a static section – which means it is displayed on every page of your shop.

# Settings

  • Show cart icon – enable this to show a cart icon instead of just the text “Cart”
  • Logo – Upload a logo to use instead of your Shop’s title
  • Custom logo width – the width of the logo in pixels it will be displayed in the header
  • Sticky header on desktop – make the header stick to the top of the screen when you scroll
  • Menu – select the main navigation for the header
  • Enable links to drop-down link headings – If using a mega menu, enable this setting to enable links to all headings of your mega menu.
  • Show search – show a link to the search bar next to the cart in the header. Clicking on search will open the search bar in the modal.

# Mobile menu

The mobile menu is the panel that slides out when the menu button is clicked on mobile devices.

  • Show menu icon – show a menu icon instead of the text “Menu”
  • Secondary menu – select a secondary menu that will be displayed underneath the main menu
  • Show search – show a search bar

# Announcement bar

You can show an announcement bar which is displayed at the top of the header.

  • Show announcement- check this to enable the announcement bar
  • Home page only – check this if you only want the announcement bar to display on the home page
  • Text – the message you want displayed to customers
  • Announcement color combination – select one of your color schemes to use for the announcement bar
  • Link – make the announcement bar a clickable link

To show a banner image on the home page of your site, add a Banner image block here. A banner is an image displayed at the top of your site with an arrow to drive customers to the first section.

The Classic preset showcases a banner. For a demo, refer to Demo: Cascade theme classic (opens new window)

  • Image – upload an image to use for the banner
  • Image – mobile (optional) – upload an image to use for the banner on mobile-sized devices
  • Image style – choose between “fit content” and “full screen”. With full screen, some cropping may occur. If using “fit content” – a ratio of at least 5:4 is recommended to best work on mobile + desktop.
  • Text color – override the header’s text color when banner image is present
  • Logo image – override the logo shown over the banner

# Content

Add a heading and/or a button over the banner image.

  • Heading (optional) – add a heading to show over the banner image
  • Button text (optional) – override the logo shown over the banner
  • Content position – choose how to align the content
  • Text alignment– set the alignment of the content text