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Welcome to the Shapes user documentation.

How to use Shapes documentation

User guides are arranged in the categories described in the following table. For guidance with using Shapes, follow the links in the table or select a user guide from the left side menu.

Category nameDescription
Introduction (the current page)An overview of Shapes' user documentation, and how to install Shapes.
GuidesLearn how to implement Shapes' unique features.
Style blocksUse Shapes' blocks to customize your store.
SettingsHow to use Shapes' Theme settings options.
SectionsLearn how to customize sections of your store.
Demo storesSet up your store to match the appearance of our Demo stores.
Advanced customizationsGuides for expert users about using advanced theming techniques.
FeedbackUse our Request a feature form to submit your request for a new theme feature.
UpdatesLearn how to Update to the latest version of Shapes, and access the Changelog for a list of changes we've implemented for Shapes.

Install Shapes

To install Shapes, complete the following steps.

  1. In your store's Shopify admin, locate the area Sales channels > Online store > Themes > Theme library.

  2. From the Add theme dropdown, select Visit Theme store to open the Shopify Theme store.

    Shopify admin's Add theme dropdown.

  3. In the Search field, enter Shapes as the search term.

    Shopify Theme store's search field.

  4. Select Shapes from the search results.

    An example of Shopify Theme store's search results.

  5. On the Shapes theme details page, select Try theme.

    The Shapes theme details page on Shopify Theme store.

  6. After Shopify adds Shapes, confirm Shapes is listed in the Theme library area of your store's Shopify admin. Refresh the page, if necessary.

  7. In the Shapes Theme library pane, select an option described in the following table.


    * Indicates an option that's available only after you purchase Shapes.

    ... refers to the ellipsis icon (three consecutive dots).

Option nameDescription
... > PreviewApply Shapes theme to your store temporarily, to review its appearance.
... > Rename *Set a new name for an installed instance of Shapes theme in your Theme library.
... > Duplicate *Install another instance of Shapes theme in your Theme library.
... > Download theme file *Download a ZIP archive of Shapes theme from your Theme library.
... > Edit code *Open the Code editor to modify the code for Shapes theme. Refer to Shopify help: Theme editor
... > Edit default theme content *Open the Language editor to change Shapes' default placeholder text. Refer to Shopify help: Overview of the language editor
... > RemoveDelete an installed instance of Shapes from your Theme library.
BuyPurchase Shapes.
Publish *Apply Shapes theme to your store.
CustomizeAdjust Shapes' Theme settings and sections, to customize your store.

The Shapes theme pane in Shopify admin.

Good job! You've installed Shapes successfully.