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Guides overview ‚Äč

Shapes includes extensive features that help you design your store quickly and easily.

The following table provides an overview of our guides to implementing Shapes' main features. For guidance implementing a specific feature, follow the links in the table or select a guide from the Guides menu on the left side.

Guide nameDescription
Style images and videos with shapesApply a shape to an image.
Show quick buy on product tilesDisplay an Add to cart button on product tiles.
Show custom badges on product tilesShow a custom sticker badge on product tiles.
Add bar charts to product pagesSet up bar charts on product pages.
Add comparative scales to product pagesSet up comparative scales on product pages.
Feature collections in navigationDisplay products inside a dropdown menu, in the header.
Display product blocks on cardsDisplay a card behind product blocks.
Show nutritional information on product pagesShow formatted nutritional information on product pages.
Set up color swatchesCreate selectable icons to represent product variants.