# Buttons

This guide describes the Theme settings > Buttons menu options to set how buttons are displayed throughout your store. Refer to Shopify help: Buttons (opens new window).

In the following video, a button is displayed, inside a Newsletter section, on a store’s homepage. To add a rounded border to the button, in Theme settings > Buttons, the Border radius dropdown option is changed from None to Full rounded.

For general guidance with adjusting a theme setting, refer to Settings overview and Shopify help: Theme settings (opens new window).

# Apply styles to buttons

To apply styles to buttons:

  1. Go to Theme settings > Buttons.

    The buttons menu in Theme setting.
  2. Select a buttons setting described in the following table.

Buttons setting name Description
Border radius Use the Border radius dropdown to set the shape of the button borders to None (off), Rounded small, Rounded medium, or Rounded full.
Border > Width Adjust the Width slider to set a width for the button borders. The slider ranges from 0 to 5 px (pixels).
Shadow > Size Adjust the Size slider to set a size for the button shadow effect. The slider ranges from 0 to 10 px (pixels).
Shadow > Color Use the Color dropdown to set a color for the button shadow effect. Set the shadow effect to Transparent or set it to use the same color as the Text, Accent or Gradient color from the current color scheme.
Shadow > Shadow direction Use the Shadow direction dropdown to set a position for the button shadow effect. The dropdown options are:
  • Bottom left
  • Bottom
  • Bottom right
  • Top left
  • Top
  • Top right
Show border on shadow Select the checkbox Show border on shadow to show/ hide borders around the button shadow effect. The button border color and width settings are applied to the shadow effect’s borders.
The Buttons menu options in Theme settings.