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We update Shapes regularly. These updates provide new features, support new Shopify requirements, improve theme functionality, and provide bug fixes. The following is a list of the changes implemented by our updates to Shapes.


August 17, 2023


  • Inventory status product block

Fixes and improvements

  • Gift cards can now be sent by email at a future date
  • Product sections, Cart drawer, Cart page: Show error message when adding more quantity to cart than is available
  • Apps section: Add settings to control section layout and appearance
  • Product tiles: Fix images becoming blank on touch devices after navigating away from the page, if “Show second image on hover” is enabled
  • Product tiles: Fix shadow border color for some shapes
  • Featured collection: Fix issue with duplicated product slides if collection has only one product
  • Horizontal bar chart product block: Fix dynamic value not working
  • Search template: Fix blog posts without article images being shown as empty blocks
  • Comparison table: Fix highlighted column not working, add setting to choose between two accent colors
  • Blog posts: Add missing setting translation
  • Footer: Fix “Show border between sections” having no effect
  • Video with text, Embedded video with text: Fix heading styles
  • Cart drawer, Cart page: Fix cart note losing focus after update
  • Fix a few instances where accent colors were not correctly applied


May 5, 2023


  • Curved text section
  • Theme Editor translations for EU languages
  • Add support for Shopify-hosted video to Video section
  • Add support for Shopify-hosted video to Video with text overlay section
  • Add support for Video slides in Hero slideshow section
  • Extra accent color for more possibilities with color schemes
  • Section groups
  • Predictive search query suggestions

Fixes and improvements

  • Add setting to allow overlaid header to be opaque when stuck
  • Add setting to place the Call to action sticker on the left
  • Fix price duplication when dragging Featured collection section carousel
  • Fix an error that can occur when product title contains single quote character
  • Fix "Inset" setting not working in Video with text overlay section
  • Fix an issue where product images can be blank on hover when "Show second image on hover" setting is enabled
  • Fix Mixed shape product grid section not working correctly with Quick buy enabled
  • Fix bug in Mixed shape product grid section when switching variants
  • Fix issue with blog comments' rounded borders overlapping with the comments' text
  • Improve header logo display on devices with high pixel density
  • Improve type options for more flexibility with typography sizes


January 10, 2023

Fixes and improvements

  • Updated links to theme documentation inside Theme editor
  • Remove “Image alignment” setting in Offset gallery section (no longer needed with image focal points)
  • Fixed an issue with placeholder sizing in Offset gallery section inside Theme editor
  • Fixed a rendering issue on high-pixel-density iOS devices


November 22, 2022

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue where the cart may show incorrect quantities when a discount is applied


November 10, 2022

Fixes and improvements

  • Changed heading tag on cart drawer to improve SEO


November 3, 2022

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bug where stickers would not show if user prefers reduced motion


October 27, 2022

Fixes and improvements

  • Updated sticky and overlay header options for better performance


October 27, 2022


  • New feature text section
  • New mixed shape product grid section
  • New custom cursor theme setting
  • Added complementary product block

Fixes and improvements

  • Updated password page to show full drop shadow
  • Added option to hide sold out / on sale badges
  • Ability to override button text color
  • Add option to show thumbnails on mobile
  • Updated parallax animations to be relevant to viewport
  • Fixed gradient drop shadow bug for stickers
  • Added autoplay to Hero slideshow
  • Updated feature product section to show thumbnails
  • Ability to enable heading effects for new feature text section and existing test marquee section
  • Fixed country code display
  • Fix hover issue on transparent product tiles


June 10, 2022

Fixes and improvements

  • Customer account page design
  • Marquee display fix
  • Swatch background images will not tile
  • Safari 13 support
  • Able to link entire image in slideshow
  • Image with text overlay image width


May 19, 2022


  • Product vendor block which links to a collection if name matches
  • Add mobile image setting to Image with text overlay and Hero slideshow sections
  • Custom CSS file

Fixes and improvements

  • Flicker in iOS when drawers are closed
  • Gradient backgrounds in specific sections
  • Filters show as active if price filter has been set
  • Thumbnail height on product pages when viewed at large resolutions


May 13, 2022

Fixes and improvements

  • JavaScript is minified to increase performance
  • Unminified JavaScript files also provided
  • Fixed animated shape divider performance


May 11, 2022


  • Animations with shape dividers


May 10, 2022


  • Javascript minification


May 9, 2022


  • Slideshow arrows on feature media when thumbnails are positioned underneath