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Related products and blog posts

Editorial allows you to use tags to link products and blog posts. You can show related products on blog posts, and related blog posts on product pages. You can also show blog posts related to other blog posts.

Products and blog posts with the same tag are considered related. You can prioritize products from certain collections, if you have more than 50 products, and you can select which blogs will be given priority as related blog post sources.

There are two steps to set this up:

  1. Set up tags
  2. Set up the section

Set up tags

Products and blog posts both use tags behind the scenes. To learn more about tags, refer to Shopify help: Creating and using tags in Shopify.

Choose a tag that will be shared by the products and articles you want to link, and apply it to each item. This is done in the Blog posts section, and in the Products section, of your Shopify Admin (not in Theme settings).

Tags in the Blog Post Editor

Tags in the Product Editor

Set up the section

You must also set up the section where you want to show related content.

If you want to show products on blog posts, enable it in the settings for the Blog posts template.

To show blog posts on products, enable it in the Product template.