# Product pages

# Settings

# General

# Image zoom

  • Enable image zoom – enable product image zoom on desktop and mobile

# Layout

  • Product image size – desktop – choose the product image’s size (only applies to desktop-size devices) and the page’s layout will adapt accordingly; the options are “Medium” and “Large”

# Description

  • Make first paragraph larger – increase the font size of the first paragraph of the description

# Supporting pages

Add links to supporting pages below the product description.

# Settings

  • Link label – edit the link’s text
  • URL – choose a page or another URL to link to

Editorial can show blog posts from articles that share tags with your product. You can select up to 5 blogs as sources.

# Settings

  • Enable related articles – display related articles
  • Select blog (× 5) – choose at least 1 and up to 5 blogs as sources
  • Crop thumbnails – choose whether to crop the blog articles’ featured images in the Related Articles section; options are “No crop,” “Landscape,” “Square,” and “Portrait”

# Product recommendations

Show Product recommendations. To learn more about this Shopify feature, refer to Shopify development: Recommendation logic (opens new window).

# Settings

  • Show dynamic recommendations – enable or disable the section
  • Heading – edit the section’s heading

For additional information, refer to the following: