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Currency format

This guide describes the Theme settings > Currency format menu options.

Use the menu options to set how currencies are displayed throughout your store. Refer to Shopify help: Currency format

Two example product prices, with and without currency codes, on a store's Product page.

Cascade displays an optional currency code suffix for prices throughout your store. For example,Nu 1.00 BTN (Bhutanese ngultrum). The previous image shows two example Product prices on a store's Product page. On the left, in Theme settings > Currency format, the checkbox option to Show currency codes is set to on. This option adds the currency code suffix AUD (Australian Dollars) to the product's price. On the right, to hide the AUD currency code suffix, the checkbox is set to off.

For general guidance with adjusting a theme setting, refer to Settings overview and Shopify help: Theme settings.

Configure currency formats

To set how currencies are displayed throughout your store:

  1. Go to Theme settings > Currency format.

    The Theme setting's Currency format menu in Theme editor.

  2. Select a setting described in the following table.

Setting nameDescription
Currency codes > Show currency codesSelect the checkbox Show currency codes to add/remove a currency code suffix from the prices displayed throughout your store. For example, $1.00 USD. Currency codes are always displayed on Cart and Checkout pages, and cannot be set to on/off. For itemized, unit, and installment prices, use this setting to show/hide currency codes.