# Theme style

This guide describes the Theme settings > Theme Style menu options to change the Theme style preset for your store. Refer to Shopify help: Change theme styles (opens new window)

For general guidance with adjusting a theme setting, refer to Settings overview and Shopify help: Theme settings (opens new window)


Changing your theme’s style preset affects the settings, look and feel of your store. Some settings are lost when you change presets, but your store’s content is retained.

# Change your theme’s style preset

To change your theme’s style preset:

  1. Go to Theme settings > Theme style.

  2. Select a theme style preset described in the following table, and then select Change style.

Theme style name Description
Classic Visit our Classic “botanical wares” demo store (opens new window)
Modern Checkout our Modern “fashion” demo store (opens new window)
Elegant Preview our Elegant “jewelry” demo store (opens new window)