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Enable the Lookbook page template

This guide describes how to enable the Lookbook page template.

A lookbook is a collection of media about a particular theme, like photos and videos of a fashion collection, or from a particular artist or designer.

Label includes a dedicated page template for building lookbooks. By default, Label's lookbook template is pre-configured with two Lookbook with image sections, and a Lookbook with video section.

In the following image, a lookbook with images section is displayed on a store's lookbook page.

An example lookbook on a store page.

Assign the lookbook template to a page

  1. In the Shopify admin menu, select Pages.


  2. Select a page from the page list.

    To create a new page, select Add page.


  3. In the Online store pane, use the Theme template dropdown to select Lookbook.


  4. Select Save.

Setup a lookbook section

  1. In Theme editor, use the dropdown at the top of the page to select Pages > Lookbook.

  2. Verify that the Preview is displaying the page you assigned the lookbook template to.

    To set the preview to the correct page, select Change, select the required page from the list, and then choose Select.


  3. From the side menu, select a lookbook section to configure. Refer to Lookbook sections.


Lookbook sections

The lookbook page template is pre-configured with the sections described in the following table. Follow the links in table to learn more about each section. To setup additional lookbook sections and blocks, refer to Configure blocks inside a section.

Section nameDescription
Sidebar menuProvides visitors with a side menu for navigating the pages in your store.
Announcement barProvides messages for your store's visitors, for example, to announce sales or special discounts.
HeaderProvides visitors with a top menu for navigating pages in your store.
Lookbook with imageDisplays a selection of related products, with images and text, on a page.
Lookbook with videoDisplays a selection of related products with video, images and text, on a page.
FooterProvides visitors with a secondary menu, at the bottom of pages, for navigating your store.
PopupDisplays a small window containing promotional or advertising messages for your store's visitors.