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This guide describes the Theme settings > Cart menu options to set how customers purchase products on your store's cart page.

The following video shows a store's product page. In the Theme settings > Cart menu, on the left side, the Cart type dropdown option is changed from Page to Drawer. When the Add to cart button is selected, the cart opens on the current page within a side element called a drawer (on the right side).

For general guidance with adjusting a theme setting, refer to Settings overview.

Set up your store's cart

To set up your store's cart:

  1. Go to Theme settings > Cart.

  2. Select the following options:

    • Cart type. Use the Cart type dropdown to set the cart to display as a Drawer or Page, when the Add to cart button is selected. With this option set to Drawer, the cart displays on the current page inside a drawer. To turn off this functionality, and redirect visitors to the cart page, set the dropdown to Page.

    • Enable additional checkout buttons. Select the checkbox Enable additional checkout buttons to show/ hide buttons on your store's cart page. You can use buttons on your cart page or on the checkout page, but not both.

    • Open cart when product is added. Use the checkbox Open cart when product is added to show/ hide a cart drawer. The draw opens whenever a customer adds a product to the cart. This feature only works when cart type is set to Drawer.

      The upper part of the Theme settings Cart menu.

    • Icon. Use the Icon dropdown to choose an icon to represent the cart. The options are: Cart or Bag.

    • Enable cart notes. Use the Enable cart notes checkbox to show/ hide a text box that allows customers to add a note before they proceed to the checkout page.

    • Show product vendor. Select the Show product vendor checkbox to show/ hide the names of product vendors on the cart page.

    • Cart drawer color scheme. Use the dropdown Cart drawer color scheme to set the color scheme for the cart drawer. The options are: Primary, Secondary or Tertiary. Refer to Colors.

      The lower part of the Theme settings Cart menu.