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Collection list

This guide describes setting up a Collection list section. Use the section to set how the collections assigned to the list template are displayed on your store's pages. The section includes useful features for browsing collections, like product filtering and sorting.

In the following image, a Collection list section is displayed on a store page. On the page, the section displays a collection named Clothing. Note the product filtering options on the left, and the product sorting options on the right.

An example of a Collection list section displayed on a store page.


To use a Collection list section:

Assign the list template to a collection

To assign the List template to a collection:

  1. In Shopify admin, select Products.

    The Shopify admin menu with the Products menu option selected.

  2. In the Product menu, select Collections.

    The Products page in Shopify admin with the Collections menu option selected.

  3. From the Collections list, select a collection.

    For example, in the following image, a collection named Clothing is selected.

    The Collections page in Shopify admin with a collection selected.

  4. Locate the Online store pane at the bottom of the collection page.

    The Online store pane on a Collection page in Shopify admin.

  5. Use the Theme template dropdown to select List.

    In the following image, the List template is assigned to the Clothing collection.

    The Theme template dropdown, inside the Online store pane, on a Collection page in Shopify admin.

  6. Select Save.

Configure the collection list section

After you Assign the List template to a collection, complete the following steps to configure the Collection list section.

  1. In Shopify admin, select Themes > Current theme > Customize.

  2. At the top of the page, use the dropdown to select the Collections > List template.

    The dropdown menu at the top of the page in Theme editor.

  3. From the side menu, select Collection list.

    In the following image, note how the menu indicates that the List template is assigned to the Clothing collection (assigned in a previous step).

    The Collection list section menu in Theme editor.

  4. Select a section setting described in the following table.

Section setting nameDescription
Products > Products per pageUse the slider Products per page to set the number of products to display inside the section. The minimum number is 2 products and the maximum is 48.
Products > Show indexSelect the Show index checkbox to show/ hide an index number inside the section. The index number is displayed beside each product in the collection, on the left side. The first product has the index number 1, the 2nd product has the index number 2, etc.
Products > Desktop row content alignSelect the dropdown Desktop row content align to align the text displayed beside each product to the top or middle, inside the section. This setting applies to desktop display devices.
Image > Show collection imageSelect the checkbox Show collection image to show/ hide collection images inside the section.
Image > Crop imageSelect the Crop image dropdown to set the shape for collection images inside the section. The dropdown options are No crop, Portrait, Square, Landscape, Super wide, and Letterbox. To use this setting, enable the checkbox option to Show collection image.
Filtering and sorting > Enable filteringSelect the checkbox Enable filtering to show/ hide the product filtering options inside the section. If enabled, visitors can select a range of products within a collection by using filtering criteria like availability and price. Refer to Shopify help: Add storefront filtering.
Filtering and sorting > Customize filtersFollow the Customize filters link to open the page Navigation > Collection and search filters on your store's admin. Use the page to set up custom filters for your store's collections. Refer to Shopify help: Custom filters.
Filtering and sorting > Expand filters by defaultSelect the checkbox Expand filters by default to show the filtering options in an expanded/ collapsed menu, by default, inside the section.
Filtering and sorting > Show filter countsSelect the checkbox Show filter counts to show/ hide a count of the number of products in each filter category, inside the section. A count is displayed beside the name of each filter. For example, for a collection containing two products that are in stock, In stock (2) is displayed in the Availability filter area.
Filtering and sorting > Enable color swatch filtersFor products within a collection that use color variants, select the checkbox Enable color swatch filters to show/ hide the option to filter products by color, inside the section. Refer to Shopify help: Variants and Shopify help: Searching for products and filtering your product list.
Filtering and sorting > Learn how to set up swatchesFollow the link Learn how to set up swatches to open the Baseline: Color swatches guide.
Filtering and sorting > Enable sortingSelect the checkbox Enable sorting to show/ hide the product sorting options inside the section. If enabled, visitors can arrange the products in a collection by using sorting criteria like price and popularity. Refer to Shopify help: Collection layout and appearance.
Collection menuUse the following Collection menu options to set up a menu inside the section.
  • To add a menu, choose Select menu, and then select a menu from your store. Then, choose Select.
  • To create a menu, follow the Create menu link to create and add a new menu in Shopify admin. Select the newly added menu, and then choose Select.
  • To replace a menu, choose Change > Change menu, and then select or create a menu.
  • To remove a menu, select Change > Remove menu.
Refer to Shopify help: Menus and links.
Theme settingsSelect Theme Settings to access additional settings for the section. Refer to Section theme settings menu.