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Guides overview ‚Äč

Label includes extensive features that help you design your store quickly and easily.

The following table provides an overview of our guides to implementing Label's main features. For guidance implementing a specific feature, follow the links in the table or select a guide from the Guides menu on the left side.

Guide nameDescription
Promote tours and eventsAdd tour dates and event details to your store.
Exhibit photographsFeature high resolution photography, at full-width, on the home page.
Add audio previewsAdd an audio preview to each product grid tile.
Show an audio player with tracklist on productsAdd playable audio tracks and tracklists to product pages.
Use metafields on product pagesDisplay additional product information fields on product pages.
Display two-part product titlesDisplay two-product titles using a hyphen or a metafield.
Enable the Lookbook page templateEnable Label's dedicated template for building lookbooks.
Use product feature videosFeature a video on a product page.
Add navigation links to feature productsFeature second-level menu items as links, with images, in the sidebar and the header.
Set up color swatchesCreate selectable icons to represent product variants.
Display inventory status per-locationDisplay an inventory status for store products across multiple inventory locations.