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Use product - feature videos

This guide describes how to feature a video on a product page.

The video displays inside a Product - feature video section. For a product that has video media, the first product video is added into the section automatically. Refer to Shopify help: Adding product media.

In the following image, a product feature video is displayed on a store's product page.

An example of a feature video on a store's products page.

Add a feature video to a product

To add a feature video to a product:

  1. In your store's admin, go to Settings > Products.

    The products menu in Shopify admin.

  2. Select a product from the Products list.

    The Products list in Shopify admin.

  3. Locate the Media pane, and then select one of the following options:

    • To upload a video file from your computer, select Add, and then find and select a file to upload.

    • To use an online video, select Link to file, and then enter the video's URL into the text box. You can enter URLs for videos on YouTube or Vimeo. The product Media pane in Shopify admin.

  4. Select Save, if prompted.

  5. Preview the product page to confirm that the video displays correctly.


    The video displays inside a Product - feature video section. To set how the section displays the video, refer to Product - feature video.