# Search

This guide describes the Theme settings > Search menu options.

Visitors to your store can enter search terms into the Search textbox, and search for occurrences of the terms throughout your store. Use the search settings to specify the parts of your store to include in searches.

Par exemple, in the following video, a search term is entered into the Search textbox. Items from the store’s Products and Collections that match the search term are displayed in the search results.

For general guidance with adjusting a theme setting, refer to Settings overview.

# Adjust the search settings

To specify the parts of your store to include/ exclude in searches, in Theme settings > Search:

  • Search products. Select the Search products checkbox to show/ hide products in the search results.

  • Search collections. Select the Search collections checkbox to include/ exclude collections in the search results.

  • Search articles. Select the Search articles checkbox to show/ hide articles in the search results.

  • Search pages. Select the Search pages checkbox to include/ exclude pages in the search results.

    The search settings checkbox options in Theme settings.