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This guide describes the Theme settings > Icons menu options.

Use the settings to specify how icons are displayed throughout your store. Refer to Shopify help: Icons.

An example store's homepage with the Theme settings's Icons menu open in Theme editor.

In the previous image, on the left side, in Theme settings > Icons, the Arrow style radio buttons are set to Wide. On the right side, a store's Product page is displayed. The wide arrow style setting is applied to the arrow icons, displayed below the product image.

For general guidance with adjusting a theme setting, refer to Settings overview and Shopify help: Theme settings.

Set up icons

To set how icons are displayed on your store's pages:

  1. Go to Theme settings > Icons.

    The Theme setting's Icons menu.

  2. Select a setting described in the following table.

Setting nameDescription
Menu icon variationAdjust the Menu icon variation slider to make your store's menu icons more or less varied. The slider ranges from 1 (minimum variation) to 4 (maximum variation).
Cart iconUse the Cart icon setting to specify a style for your store's cart icon. The options are Basket, Bag, and Cart.
Use arrow icons in carousels and slideshowsSelect the checkbox Use arrow icons in carousels and slideshows to show/hide arrow icons inside carousel and slideshow sections. Arrow icons allow your store's visitors to navigate to the previous/next item in a carousel or slideshow.
Arrow styleSelect the Arrow style radio buttons to set an arrow style for your store's arrow icons to Standard or Wide.
Accordion iconSelect the Accordion icon radio buttons to set a style for your store's accordion icons to Plus/ minus or Caret.
ThicknessAdjust the Thickness slider to set a thickness for the border around icons. The slider ranges from 1 to 2. This setting applies to all icons, excluding social (media) icons.