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Guides overview ‚Äč

Baseline includes extensive features that help you design your store quickly and easily.

The following table provides an overview of our guides to implementing Baseline's main features. For guidance implementing a specific feature, follow the links in the table or select a guide from the Guides menu on the left side.


We add new guides regularly. Revisit this page to access our latest guides.

Guide nameDescription
An overview of smart variant selectorsLearn about using Baseline's smart variant selectors to indicate store products that are sold out or unavailable.
Show a free shipping progress barSet up an indicator that tracks a customer's order amount against your store's threshold to qualify for free shipping.
Migrate to using color schemesBring your Baseline version 2 color settings over to Baseline 3's new color schemes format.
Set up multiple variant mediaSet up Baseline's "Multiple variant media" feature to display multiple media items for a single product variant.
Use metafields in Featured collection tablesUse Product metafield blocks inside a Featured collection table section
Set up color swatchesCreate selectable icons to represent product variants.
Customize color schemesColorize your store with customized color schemes.
Adjust text sizesImplement uniform text sizes across your store.
Configure the grid layoutUse Baseline's grid layout to arrange your store's products and collections.
Create collapsible tabsExpand and collapse sections of text on product description pages.