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This guide describes the Theme settings > Cart menu options to set how customers purchase products on your store's cart page.

The following video demonstrates showing/ hiding cart notes, to provide a text entry field that allows customers to add a note on the cart page, before proceeding to checkout.

For general guidance with adjusting a theme setting, refer to Settings.

Set up your store's cart

To set up your store's cart:

  1. Go to the Theme settings > Cart.

  2. Select the following setting controls.

    • Cart type. Use the Cart type dropdown to set your cart to display as a Drawer or Page, when the Add to cart button is selected. With this option set to Drawer, the cart displays on the current page within a side element called a drawer. To turn off this functionality, and redirect visitors to the cart page, set the dropdown to Page.

    • Enable additional checkout buttons. Use the checkbox Enable additional checkout buttons to show/ hide buttons on your store's cart page. You can use buttons on your cart page or checkout page, but not both.

    • Enable cart notes. Use the Enable cart notes checkbox to show/ hide a text entry field that allows customers to add a note before proceeding to the checkout page.

    • Open cart when product is added. Use the checkbox Open cart when product is added to show/ hide a Cart Drawer. The draw opens whenever a customer adds a product to the cart. This feature only works when cart type is set to Drawer.

    • Show product vendor. Use the Show product vendor checkbox to show/ hide the names of product vendors on the cart page.

    • Cart drawer color scheme. Use the dropdown Cart drawer color scheme to set the color scheme for the Cart drawer. The dropdown options are: Primary, Secondary or Tertiary. Refer to Customize color schemes.

      The cart setting controls in theme settings