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Logo list

This guide describes setting up your store's Logo list section. Use the section to display a list of logos associated with the items in your store. For example, a fashion store might display logos for the brands they stock.

In the following image, a Logo list section is displayed on a store's collection page. Logos for the collection's popular brands are listed above The collection. Selecting a logo opens the corresponding brand's homepage.

The Logo list section on an example store's homepage.

For general guidance with modifying sections, refer to Sections overview.

Set up a logo list section

To set up a logo list section:

  1. Go to Customize theme. At the top of the page, use the dropdown to select a template that contains a logo list section.


    The logo list section can be added into any page, except Checkout and Giftcard pages. To add a logo list section into the current page, select Add section > Logo list. Refer to Shopify help: Add a section.

  2. From the side menu, select Logo list.

    The Logo list section selected in the Theme editor side menu.

  3. Select a section setting described in the following table.

Section setting nameDescription
HeadingUse the Heading box to enter text to display as a title inside the section.
Logo max widthSelect the slider Logo max width to set a width for the logo image(s), inside the section. The minimum slider value is 20px or pixels, and the maximum value is800 px.
Color > Color schemeUse the Color scheme dropdown to set the section's color scheme to Primary, Secondary or Tertiary. Refer to Customize color schemes.
Remove sectionSelect Remove section to delete the section from the current page template.

The Logo list section menu in Theme editor.

Configure a logo inside a logo list section

A default logo list section contains five logo (blocks). To configure a logo block inside a logo list section:

  1. Go to Customize theme. At the top of the page, use the dropdown to select a template that contains a logo list section.

  2. From the side menu, expand the Logo list section menu.

  3. To configure an existing logo block, select the Logo block from the side menu.

    To add a new logo block, select Add logo, and then select the Logo block you added.

    The add Logo block menu in Theme editor.


    Inside a logo list section, you can add, remove, show/ hide, or move blocks. Refer to Configure blocks inside a section, or Shopify help: Sections and blocks.

  4. Apply a block setting described in the following table.

Block setting nameDescription
ImageUse the Image menu options to set up an image inside the block.
  • To add an image, choose Select Image, and then upload an image or select an image file from your store's file library.
  • To replace an image, choose Change > Change image, and then select or upload a new image.
  • To remove an image, select Change > Remove image.
Link (optional)In the Link box, enter a URL for the button to use or select a store page to link to. To remove a link, select the X icon inside the text box.
Remove blockSelect Remove block to delete the block from the current section.

The Logo block menu settings in Theme editor.