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We update Baseline regularly. Our updates provide new features, support new Shopify requirements, improve theme functionality, and provide bug fixes. The following is a list of the changes implemented by our updates to Baseline.


June 26, 2024


  • Support for image swatches in filters
  • Support for color swatches based on Shopify’s new Product Taxonomy feature in product variant pickers

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix issue where the Collection carousel section could be invisible on desktop
  • Fix issue where hover images wouldn’t match the aspect ratio set for the main product tile images
  • Fix issue where quick buy drawer wouldn’t work when disabling both “Enable filtering” and “Enable sorting” section settings
  • Fix issue where shipping rates would be shown in an incorrect currency
  • Fix a JavaScript error when predictive search was disabled
  • Fix privacy banner not reliably receivng clicks when shown with third-party overlays
  • Fix age check modal not closing when expected in Theme Editor
  • Fix a JavaScript error in sections that show links’ images on hover


April 17, 2024

Baseline 3.1.0 adds theme events for developers, along with some fixes and improvements.


  • Theme events for developers

Fixes and improvements

  • Optimize image loading code to improve perceived load speed
  • “Single variant mode” in product templates now applies to mobile too
  • Fix the wrapping of policy links in the footer when there are many links


January 25, 2024

Fixes and improvements

  • Header: Fix dropdown menus’ “Text align” setting not affecting single-level menus
  • Fix extra spaces between some buttons’ text and their arrows
  • Fix drop down option selector’s focus state when not using keyboard
  • Fix parts of product tile being not clickable when both quick buy and color swatches are enabled
  • Fix product tiles having wrong aspect ratio when colour swatches enabled


January 5, 2024

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix product form on “Featured product” section
  • Improve content layout shift on all product templates and in the “Featured product” section
  • Collection carousel: Fix “View all” button spacing when section titles are centered or when section title is blank


December 21, 2023

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix “Add to cart” button width in product tile quick buys on large screens
  • Fix some icons not displaying on Safari
  • Horizontal gallery product template: Fix “View in your space” button not appearing on compatible devices
  • Cart page and drawer cart: Fix hidden item properties being visible
  • Product grid tiles: Fix “Add to cart” button when quick buy position is under product title and price
  • Fix “Show currency codes” theme setting not being applied
  • Restore gridline between customer account pages’ main sections and footer
  • Cart page: Fix country and state / province selection in shipping calculator


December 14, 2023

Fixes and improvements

  • Collection and search filtering: Improve reliability of price range filter controls
  • Collection and search filtering: Fix lost focus on updated element after update
  • Product: Fix collapsible tab block’s “Heading text style” setting having no effect
  • Product: Fix low-resolution images when the multiple variant media feature is enabled


December 11, 2023

Fixes and improvements

  • Improvements to multiple variant media and single variant mode


December 12, 2023

Fixes and improvements

  • Age check, Promo popup: Use local storage instead of cookies
  • Collection and search filters: Fix “Clear all” link
  • Collection and search filters: Add total active filter count to filter toggle
  • Quick buy: Fix loading progress indicator spacing on mobile


December 12, 2023

Introducing an all new version of Baseline, rebuilt from the ground up.


  • Baseline now has a total of 40 content sections!
  • New sections include featured collection table, scrolling product links, featured collection carousel, text with video, collapsible text and much more.
  • Predictive search
  • Quick buy
  • Thumbnails support on a new product template
  • Multiple variant images support
  • On sale and sold out badges on product tiles
  • New "Editorial" preset for the food and drink industry
  • Upgraded to use Shopify's new color schemes. For merchants looking to upgrade from version 2.x, see our guide


  • Updated font scaling and font size options for more control over type display
  • Two types of product tiles: standard and text overlay, which can be selected on a per-section basis
  • Updated existing presets, including removing the grid border in the "Minimal" preset
  • Update product variant selector to be more intuitive, including options to hide sold out and unavailable variants

Fixes and improvements

  • Complete theme rewrite with performance improvements across the board


October 5, 2022


  • Complementary products block


October 3, 2022


  • Support for webp images
  • Ability to show currency codes

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed the issue where outline is added to focusable elements via :focus styles
  • Fixed the issue where the product description block not working in the Featured product section
  • Fixed accessibility issues for form inputs and labels


July 26, 2022

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixes an issue where the product page can become unresponsive if Store pickup availability is enabled and variants are changed very quickly


June 9, 2022


  • Added center layout option for blog posts

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed script issue when buy buttons block is disabled


May 10, 2022


  • Migrate to use css variables for color schemes


March 15, 2022


  • Collapsible page template
  • Overflow auto and a max height to disclosure


March 10, 2022


  • Custom liquid section
  • Faceted filtering on search results page


  • Focus issue when opening the search bar


February 24, 2022


  • Support for Shopify Markets


February 4, 2022

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed product page horizontal gallery bug with variant titles that contain special characters
  • Fixed bottom border bug for products with single images that bleed to border edge
  • Updated marquee section to allow for similar speed if not automatically repeating text