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This guide describes the Theme settings > Grid menu options for setting the appearance of a grid layout for your store.

The following image is an example of a basic grid layout on a store's homepage.

The grid setting controls in theme settings

For general guidance with adjusting a theme setting, refer to Settings.

Set the appearance of the grid

To set the appearance of the grid:

  1. Go to Theme settings > Grid.

  2. Select the following setting controls.

    • Content spacing. Use the Content spacing dropdown to set the amount of spacing around content inside the grid. The dropdown provides the following content spacing options:

      Spacing option nameDescription
      NoneNo spacing is applied.
      SmallApply a small amount of spacing.
      MediumApply medium spacing.
      LargeApply maximum spacing.
    • Fill images to border edge. Use the Fill images to border edge checkbox to turn on/ off spacing between the edges of images and the grid border.

    • Border width. Use the Border width slider to set the width of the grid's borders in pixels or px. The minimum slider value is 0 px and the maximum is 5 px.

      The grid setting controls in theme settings

Refer to Configure the grid layout.