# Testimonials

This guide describes setting up the Testimonials section.

Use the section to display comments from customers, clients, and staff on a store page.

The previous video shows a Testimonials section on a store’s homepage, with the title Don’t just listen to us. The section contains review comments about the store’s products. Each comment is contained within a Testimonial block. A scrolling animation moves the blocks from right to left automatically. Note how the arrow icons are used to move to the next/ previous block.

For general guidance with modifying sections, refer to Sections overview, and Shopify help: Sections and blocks (opens new window)

# Set up a testimonials section

To set up a Testimonials section:

  1. Go to Customize theme. At the top of the page, use the dropdown to select a template that contains a Testimonials section. For example, select the Home page template.


    The section can be added into any page, except Checkout and Giftcard pages. To add the section into the current page, select Add section > Testimonials. Refer to Shopify help: Add a section (opens new window)

  2. From the side menu, select Testimonials.

    The Testimonials section selected in Theme editor.
  3. Select a setting described in the following table.

Setting name Description
Display blocks on cards Select the checkbox Display blocks on cards to show/ hide a card behind the section’s blocks. Refer to Shopify help: Cards (opens new window)
Heading In the Heading box, enter text to display as a title inside the section.
Images max width Adjust the slider Images max width to set a maximum width for images inside the section between 50px and 500px (pixels).
Disable media style Select the checkbox Disable media style to show/ hide the styles applied to the section’s media. Enable this setting if you use brand logos inside the section.
Crop Use the Crop dropdown to set an image cropping style for the images inside the section. The dropdown options are: No crop, Landscape, Square, and Portrait.
Default image shape Use the Default image shape dropdown to set a default shape for images inside the section. Some shapes will crop the image. Refer to Style images with shapes.
Desktop slide width Adjust the slider Desktop slide width to set a width for the section’s blocks between 20% and 60% (percent). This setting applies to desktop display devices.
Autoscroll mode Use the Autoscroll mode dropdown to set the section’s blocks to move automatically from Right to left or Left to right. To turn off automatic scrolling mode, select Disabled.
Color > Color scheme Use the Color scheme dropdown to set the section’s color scheme to Primary, Secondary, Tertiary or Quaternary. Refer to Colors.
Color > Use gradient for background Select the checkbox Use gradient for background to turn on/ off using a gradient as the section’s background.
Theme settings Select Theme settings to access additional settings for the section. Refer to Section theme settings menu.
Remove section Select Remove section to delete the section from the current page.

# Configure a block within a testimonials section

A default Testimonials section contains 3 Testimonials and 1 Shape divider (blocks). To configure a block inside the section:

  1. Go to Customize theme. At the top of the page, use the dropdown to select a template that contains a Testimonials section.

  2. From the side menu, expand the Testimonials section menu.

  3. To configure an existing block, select the block from the side menu.

    To add a new block, select Add block, choose a block to add, and then select the block you added.

    The Testimonials's Add block menu in Theme editor.


    Inside the section, you can add, remove, show/ hide, or move blocks. Refer to Configure blocks inside a section, and Shopify help: Sections and blocks (opens new window)

  4. Apply a block setting described in the Table: Testimonials blocks.

# Table: Testimonials blocks

The following table describes the blocks inside the Testimonials section, and their corresponding settings.

The blocks indicated with an asterisk * are contained in a default Testimonials section. To configure a block, refer to Configure a block within a testimonials section.

Block name Block description Block setting(s)
Testimonial * Displays comment text, with an optional image, inside the section.
  • Use the following Image selector options to set up an image inside the block.
    • To add an image, choose Select image, and then upload an image or select an image file from your store’s file library.
    • To replace an image, choose Change > Change image, and then select or upload a new image.
    • To remove an image, select Change > Remove image.
    • Select the Add alt text link, and then enter a brief description of the image into the Image alt text box. Refer to Shopify help: Adding alt text to media (opens new window)
  • Use the Rating dropdown to set the number of star icons to display inside the block. The options are No rating, 5 stars, 4 stars, 3 stars, 2 stars, and 1 star.

  • In the Quote box, enter text to display as a comment inside the block. Enter a comment from a customer, client or staff member about your store’s products and services. Format the text, and/ or add links, using the Text editor pane.

  • In the Source box, enter a name to display inside the block as the source of the comment/ quote.

  • Select Remove block to delete the block from the current section.
  • Background pattern Displays a stylistic pattern as a background inside the section. Refer to Background pattern.
    Background shape Displays a stylistic shape as a background inside the section. Refer to Background shape.
    Sticker Overlays the section with a stylized sticker. Refer to Stickers.
    Shape divider * Displays a stylized separator between the current section and the next/ previous section. Refer to Shape divider.