# Gift card

This guide describes setting up a Gift card section on your store’s Gift card page.

Use gift cards to allow customers to buy prepaid credit to spend on future purchases from your store. Refer to Shopify help: Selling gift cards (opens new window)

An example Gift card section on a store's Gift card page.

The previous image shows a Gift card section on a store’s Gift card page. In the section’s settings, a logo image is upload and displayed at the top of the Gift card page.

For general guidance with modifying sections, refer to Sections overview, and Shopify help: Sections and blocks (opens new window)

# Set up a gift card section

To set up a Gift card section:

  1. Go to Customize theme. At the top of the page, use the dropdown to select Others > Gift card.


    The section is available only on Gift card pages.

  2. From the side menu, select Gift card.

    The Gift card section selected in Theme editor.
  3. Select a setting described in the following table.

Setting name Description
Logo image Use the following Logo image selector options to set up an image to use as a logo, inside the section.
  • To add an image, choose Select image, and then upload an image or select an image file from your store’s file library.
  • To replace an image, choose Change > Change image, and then select or upload a new image.
  • To remove an image, select Change > Remove image.
  • Select the Add alt text link, and then enter a brief description of the image into the Image alt text box. Refer to Shopify help: Adding alt text to media (opens new window)
Custom logo width Adjust the slider Custom logo width to set a size for the section’s logo image between 20px and 450px (pixels).