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This guide describes the Theme settings > Media menu options. Use the settings to specify how media, like images and video, are displayed throughout your store. Refer to Shopify help: Media

A video section on a store's homepage with the media menu in Theme setting, set to display a dotted circular shadow effect around the section.

In the previous image, a Video section is displayed on a store's homepage. The Theme settings > Media options, on the left, are set to display a shadow effect, with a Circle dots style, around the Video section.


Further media display options can be set by using the section settings for specific sections.

For general guidance with adjusting a theme setting, refer to Settings overview and Shopify help: Theme settings

Set up media

To set up media:

  1. Go to Theme settings > Media.

    The Media menu in Theme settings.

  2. Select a setting described in the following table.

Setting nameDescription
Border radiusUse the Border radius dropdown to set the shape of the media borders to None (off), Rounded small, Rounded medium, or Rounded large.
Border > WidthAdjust the Width slider to set a width for the media borders. The slider ranges from 0px to 5px (pixels).
Border > ColorSelect the Color radio buttons to set the media borders to use the same color as the color scheme's Text, Accent 1 or Accent 2 color.
Shadow > SizeAdjust the Size slider to set a size for the media shadow effect. The slider ranges from 0px to 20px (pixels). The shadow effect does not display if the media is inside a card.
Shadow > StyleUse the Style dropdown to set the style for the media shadow effect. The dropdown options are:
  • Full color
  • Diagonal lines
  • Zig zag
  • Waves
  • Square dots
  • Circle dots
Shadow > ColorUse the Color dropdown to set a color for the media shadow effect. Set the shadow effect to Transparent, set it to use the same color as the Card, or to the current color scheme's Text, Accent 1, Accent 2 or Gradient color.
Shadow > Shadow directionUse the Shadow direction dropdown to set a position for the media shadow effect. The dropdown options are:
  • Bottom right
  • Bottom
  • Bottom left
  • Top right
  • Top
  • Top left
Shadow > Show border on shadowSelect the checkbox Show border on shadow to show/ hide borders around the media shadow effect. The media border color and width settings are applied to the shadow effect's borders.